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8 Popular Accessories and Add-Ons for Your Mobility Device

Give your mobility equipment a personal touch with these extra features

If you use a mobility scooter or wheelchair, chances are that you spend a good deal of your day in it, and need it to work seamlessly within your daily routine. Whether you have something more basic or a device with additional features, you can still add accessories to personalize your mobility device to your liking. Here are just some of the accessories and add-ons to choose from:

image of electric wheelchair with cupholder attached to armrest

Cup Holder

a blue bluetooth icon centered on a white mobile phone display. the phone is sitting on a blue circular background

USB and Bluetooth

image of Pride Mobility Jazzy Zero Turn 8 Mobility Scooter with basket attached

Bags and Baskets

image of bag hooks that attach to various mobility devices

Bag Hooks

image of joystick controller with T-grip

Joystick Knobs

image of phone holder with

Phone Holder

image of power chair shroud

Personalized Shrouds

image of SmartDrive power assist accessory for manual wheelchairs

Power Assist

Keep your beverage secure and your hands free while you go about your day! Cup holders now come in everything from vehicles and bikes to sofas and lawn chairs, so there’s no reason not to upgrade your mobility ride with this convenience as well. 

Always check with your manufacturer first.

Many of the mobility brands that we carry, including Permobil, Quantum, and Pride Mobility offer a cup holder attachment for their wheelchairs and mobility scooters. If you're looking for a cup holder for your device our first recommendation is always to go with the accessory offered by the same manufacturer—these are designed fit seamlessly with your mobility device. We have some of the most popular ones for sale in our store.

The manufacturer doesn't offer a cup holder for my device. What now?

We will work with you to find a solution that fits your mobility device. Maybe you're about ready for a new device anyway? Check out our inventory of wheelchairs and scooters that already include a cup holder.

As a last resort, some cupholder accessories designed for camping equipment or even baby strollers may be a suitable alternative, but the quality and stability of these accessories may not meet your standards and there is no guarantee that a cup holder for a stroller will be able to reliably attach to your wheelchair or scooter. If you're going to try this option, be sure to purchase from a trustworthy retailer that will accept a return if the product you buy doesn't work out.

image of self-leveling cupholder attached to armrest of Permobil power chair

This amazing self-leveling cup holder by Permobil gives you a convenient place to hold your drink and is specially designed to keep it from spilling even as you move about your day or reposition your seating! As a certified dealer of most major mobility brands including Permobil and Pride Mobility, we are happy to bring this and other mobility accessories to make your life easier.

2. USB and Bluetooth

Show your tech-savvy with a power wheelchair that can pair to your smartphone via Bluetooth connectivity, or easily charge those all-important mobile devices on the go with an onboard USB charging port. 

a bluetooth enabled joystick by Permobil

The newest joystick from Permobil has sophisticated Bluetooth connectivity enabled to work with up to 4 paired devices. The system is optimized to work seamlessly with Apple iOS switch control and voice control mobile accessibility features, as well as a variety of other smart home technologies and even infrared sensors for some remote-controlled electronics like televisions and cable boxes.

a silver usb charging block is plugged into the charging port on a mobility device

Pride Mobility's XLR USB Charger turns the onboard charging port on your mobility device into USB port. The charger is compact and convenient to carry with you—simply plug it in when your mobile device needs some juice and it will automatically turn itself off once your device is fully charged so no battery power is wasted. Although designed specifically for Pride products, this charger will fit most universal mobility charging ports.

Contact us to see if Bluetooth or a USB port can be added to your mobility device, or browse our ever-expanding selection of Bluetooth enabled mobility equipment.

Carry your belongings with you! Scooter and wheelchair makers offer a variety of bags and baskets specially designed with your convenience and mobility in mind.

Quantum Rehab offers a wide range of bags and storage options for everything from small personal items to bulky medical equipment. The Quantum Glove Box attaches to the armrest so that you have a convenient place to store phones, keys, wallets, and other frequently needed items within easy reach. Pride Mobility also has replacement baskets if the one included with the scooter is broken or damaged, or even as an add-on to your electric wheelchair.

a photo of a Quantum power wheelchair 'glove box' attached just beneath the armrest on the wheelchair

Need more room to carry your belongings? The Permobil Essentials Carrier is an excellent option for most Permobil wheelchair models. It has a water-resistant nylon lid designed to store more and keep your belongings safe and secure.

image of Essentials Carrier attached to Permobil electric wheelchair

Need to carry more?

Backpack maker Jansport recently released their Adaptive Collection of backpacks and messenger bags designed to accommodate a variety of mobility uses. Available features include adjustable and retractable wheelchair straps and a variety of convenient attachment points plus all of the functional storage features for which Jansport is known.

Photograph of bag hooks able to be attached to various mobility devices

4. Bag Hooks

Have your own bags to carry? Not a problem. Add bag hooks to your mobility device so that you can secure your belongings and bring them with you anywhere, hassle-free! These universal bag hooks are a popular Permobil add-on and are compatible with most of their power chairs. Many other mobility makers also offer bag hook accessories, so contact us today or call (401) 294-4111 to find out how to get them added to your mobility device!

What if there's no compatible bag hooks for your device? While not as sturdy or reliable as the products offered by mobility manufacturers, you can try bag hook or carabiner attachments meant for baby strollers. Since these accessories are often attached with velcro and made of plastic they are not as secure as the mobility bag hooks. We recommend that you attach these hooks at the side or front of your device—to discourage theft it is best to keep bags attached by this method in your line of sight and within immediate reach.

5. Joystick Knobs

Change the size, shape, and color of your controller joystick to fit your preferences and needs. Whether for functional purposes or just as an expression of your personal style, custom joystick knobs bring you endless options for customizing your ride.

Pictured below are just some of the many options for joystick knobs Permobil offers: the T-grip, Softball, and U-shaped joystick knobs. We are a certified Permobil dealer; all of these can be purchased directly from us! We do installations, too! 

Looking to add some flair to your chair? Check out the custom joystick knobs from Granted Engineering. They make a variety of novelty knobs from cactus and disco balls to dogs and classic Pokemon! Save 10% on your total purchase on their website when you use discount code MERDISCOUNT10

a T-shaped joystick handle
a yellow softball grip joystick handle
a black U-grip joystick handle with a teal logo emblem in the center
a black U-grip joystick handle with a teal logo emblem in the center

6. Phone Holder

Keep your phone within easy reach, whether you have a free hand or not. Phone holders also pair nicely with voice activation technology so that you can view and control your device completely hands-free!

The RAM X-Grip Phone Holder securely grips mobile phones with or without a case and attaches easily to the armrest of your chair. Mounting kits are available for a variety of Permobil, Pride Mobility, and Quantum Rehab devices and it can be configured in a variety of ways so that you can find the position that works best for your daily use. If you need it installed on your power chair, we have you covered!

For best results we always recommend that you use a phone holder from your mobility equipment manufacturer. If you can't find a phone holder that fits your mobility device, though, you might be able to repurpose a phone mount meant for a stroller or desk. Be aware that these don't offer the same stability and quality and you have no way of knowing if it will be able to reliably attach to your wheelchair or scooter...we recommend that you purchase from a trustworthy retailer that accepts returns so that you can send the holder back if it doesn't work out.

Phone holder attached to the armrest of a power chair

7. Personalized Shrouds

Choose from a range of colors, patterns, and designs to give the body of your mobility device a personal touch!

Permobil offers a line of Hydropgraphic Accents with even more patterns to choose from!

Shrouds are just one of the many customization options we offer. Request a customization of your own today!

8. Power Assist

A photograph of a manual wheelchair with a power assist device attached

Give your manual wheelchair a boost with a powered upgrade to the wheels and turn it into a compact electric wheelchair! Many different power assist options are available to best fit your daily use needs.

We love the Permobil SmartDrive MX2+ power assist device — it can be easily added to a variety of manual wheelchair models to reduce pushes by up to 80%! Move more easily over a variety of terrains, up hills, or just on a long stroll with a power assist for your manual wheelchair.

Need assistance with your power assist wheels? We do custom wheelchair installations and repairs, too!