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Why Your Wheelchair Needs A Serious Upgrade

Mobility Equipment RecyclersJun 19, '19

Mobility Equipment Recyclers can help you get the upgrades and maintenance your wheelchair needs. If you need parts or the latest wheelchair on the market, just call us at 401-294-4111.

What Mobility Rehab Equipment Will You Need After Leaving The Facility?

Mobility Equipment RecyclersJun 19, '19

Have you ever wondered where you could go to find mobility and medical equipment after you or a loved one leaves the mobility rehabilitation center? Mobility Equipment Recyclers has the answer to this question.

The Life Cycle Of A Power Chair: Why You Should Consider Recycling

Mobility Equipment RecyclersJun 19, '19

At Mobility Equipment Recyclers, we pride ourselves in our sustainability and social venture, to do everything we can to protect the world we have been provided with.

9 Parts That Can Break On Your Electric Wheelchair & How To Fix It

Mobility Equipment RecyclersMay 29, '19

Electric wheelchairs have critical components that are susceptible to not only wear & tear, but also complete break down. Here are some tips to avoid the problems and how to solve them.