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Knee Scooter Rentals

Looking to rent a knee scooter? A knee scooter, sometimes referred to as a knee walker, knee crutch, or leg scooter, is an ideal choice for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation, foot ulcers and other leg injuries/ailments.

They provide a comfortable pain-free alternative to crutches and offer numerous other advantages.

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Why Choose Us for Your Mobility Rentals?

Experience and Expertise:

With years of dedicated service, we've honed our expertise in providing top-tier mobility solutions. Learn more about our expert technicians here.

Wide Selection of Equipment:

From state-of-the-art power wheelchairs to versatile mobility scooters, manual wheelchairs, and beyond, our inventory caters to every mobility need.

Cost Effective:

We offer transparent, competitive pricing without compromising on quality or service, making top-tier mobility solutions accessible to everyone.

Fast and Convenient:

Our streamlined rental process ensures fast and convenient access to the mobility equipment you need, making your experience hassle-free from selection to delivery.

Proven Reliability:

Our reputation as a dependable provider in the mobility equipment field is backed by a long list of satisfied clients who trust us for our commitment to quality and service.

3 Benefits Of Renting Your Mobility Equipment

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Save Money

Renting almost always costs a lot less than spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on a piece of medical equipment.

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Experience Variety

When you rent, there is the added benefit of being able to test out different kinds of medical equipment, which can be a valuable side benefit if you ever see yourself needing to purchase the equipment in the future.

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No Long-Term Commitment

When you rent mobility equipment, you're not locking yourself into a years-long relationship with a device that can cost thousands of dollars.

What sets knee scooters a step above traditional crutches?


Knee scooters are fairly simple to use and are (in some ways) less clunky than crutches.

More Comfortable

Crutches can lead to a lot of wear-and-tear on your shoulders, wrists, and lower back, but knee scooters bypass these issues to preserve your comfort and health. Furthermore, the comfortable cushion can be adjusted without tools to easily adapt the scooter to your ideal positioning.

Safe and Stable

Unlike crutches, a knee scooter won't slip on wet floors or uneven surfaces. It comes with dual hand brakes that can be height-adjusted a broad contoured leg pad that keeps your knee in place and comfortable while you move about.


One of the best features of a knee scooter is how easy it is to fold, transport, and store. During use your arms and hands are free more often than with crutches, making it easier to open doors, pick up car keys, and perform other simple tasks. For added convenience, knee scooters also feature a basket or saddle bag for carrying items with you hands-free.

Maintain Good Posture

Knee scooters support a natural, upright posture while crutches promote unnatural contortions that can cause soreness and stiffness.

Aids In Recovery

Do you need to elevate your foot or leg to help with healing? In addition to being a comfortable cradle for your leg while moving about, the padded cushion doubles as a convenient surface on which to prop up your leg while seated.

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Available in our local service area:
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What We Need

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A valid driver’s license or government-issued ID

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