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Can a stair lift help you reach new heights?

We offer a range of solutions to help you with the stairs in your home!

Looking for a temporary stairlift?

Stair Lifts

Here at Mobility Equipment Recyclers, we offer only top-quality products and services to ensure a happy customer. No matter what kind of staircase you have—straight or curved, indoor or outdoor—we have the perfect solution that can be custom fit to its unique style and path.

woman using straight stair lift indoors
stair lift at house outside entrance

Types of Stair Lift

Straight Stair Lifts

A straight stair lift can be a perfect solution if you need a safer way to navigate your home. with a straight stair lift you can expect to seamlessly glide up and down your stairs while being safely secured in a seat.

If your home has a straight stair case, there is no better alternative for safe navigation of your stairs besides a straight stair lift.

In most cases, a straight stair lift is more cost effective compared to a curved stair case due to less custom cutting that needs to be done. 

straight stair lift indoors

Curved Stair Lifts

A curved stair lift is a stair lift that has a curved track. These are great for individuals that may not be able to keep their balance, have trouble holding onto staircase railings, or cannot navigate floors of a building or home safely and securely.

A curved stair lift functions the same way as a straight stair lift, but the only difference is the track follows the curvature of uniquely-styled stair cases.

curved stair lift indoors

Stair Lift FAQ

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