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a black actuator for a power wheelchair with the silver shaft extended


a blue and black battery charger for a mobility device

Battery Chargers

a black wheelchair cable with gray connectors, bundled with a red band


a control module component for a power wheelchair with various sockets for input cables

Control Modules

a black power wheelchair function display with a small screen and a grid of 16 indicator lights


a black foot platform for a power wheelchair

Leg Rests & Foot Platforms

an x-shaped black headrest for a power wheelchair


a black joystick controller for a power wheelchair with a built-in display screen and the cord neatly bundled to the side

Joystick Controllers

a pair of black and silver motors for a power wheelchair


a pair of light gray wheelchair drive tires on black rims

Rims & Wheels

a blue plastic shroud for a power wheelchair, viewed from the side on a white background


a black utility tray for a Jet 3 power wheelchair

Utility Trays