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Gifts That Keep Going

Help support our mission to keep mobility accessible and affordable for all!


Mobility Equipment Recyclers is dedicated to making a lasting impact on the lives of people with disabilities and mobility challenges.

Through our equipment recycling program and the Renewed Independence Fund we work to connect individuals in need with mobility devices and reduce strain on our environment from landfill waste. Your contributions to these efforts play a critical role in transforming mobility challenges into opportunities for greater independence.

Equipment Recycling with a Purpose

Your old mobility equipment can find new purpose through our recycling program. Instead of collecting dust in storage or clogging our landfills, your pre-owned devices can be refurbished and matched with individuals who require them. Your act of recycling can make a significant difference by increasing access to reliable equipment for those who might not have the means to purchase new.

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The Renewed Independence Fund

The Renewed Independence Fund stands as a beacon of hope for individuals who face obstacles in acquiring essential mobility equipment. This fund enables us to provide mobility services, replacement parts, and refurbished devices to those who need them most – at no cost to the end user. Whether it's a senior seeking a reliable scooter or a young adult in need of a wheelchair, the Renewed Independence Fund creates pathways to freedom and autonomy. 

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Help Us Pass On the Gift of Mobility!

Since starting the Gift of Mobility, we've generously provided countless electric wheelchairs, mobility scooters, hospital beds, walkers, and other accessibility devices to people in need. When you recycle equipment or donate to the Renewed Independence Fund, you actively contribute to this endeavor, empowering those in need with newfound independence.