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Hospital Bed Rentals

Looking to rent a hospital bed? Whether you're injured, recovering from surgery, or need to lay in a special position due to other discomfort, hospital beds can offer the support you need.

Adjust the head, foot, and upon request, the overall height of the bed to your desired needs. Each hospital bed includes a foam mattress or can be upgraded to a medical air mattress for an additional fee.

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Available in the New England Area:
Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Connecticut


Choose Your Medical Bed Rental

All our wheelchairs can be customized with various support equipment, cushions, backrests, headrests and much more.

electric hospital bed

Standard Electric Hospital Bed Rental

With fully electric hospital beds, you can use a remote to raise and lower the head and feet, as well as adjust the height of the bed from the floor. Included with the rental is a vinyl-covered foam mattress for ultimate comfort. If you want or need any other mattress, please call ahead of time so we can ensure that you receive the best possible support.

accommodates weights of up to 450 lbs


1st Month


Additional (ea.)


Rent a Standard Hospital Bed
bariatric hospital bed without mattress

Heavy Duty/Bariatric Hospital Bed Rental

Bariatric hospital beds are an excellent option for those who are looking for a wider surface. Most standard hospital beds have a weight capacity of up to 450 lbs. A bariatric hospital bed is the best option for individuals looking for either a wider bed surface and/or a weight capacity of over 450 lbs. 

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accommodates weights over 450 lbs


1st Month


Additional (ea.)


Rent a Heavy Duty/Bariatric Hospital Bed

How The Rental Process Works

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Available in our local service area:
Rhode Island, Connecticut & Massachusetts

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What We Need

In order to schedule your rental, please be prepared to provide the following:


A valid driver’s license or government-issued ID

Payment Information

A credit or debit card to keep on file

1-Week Notice

Earlier delivery is subject to availability

Is A Hospital Bed Rental Right For You?

Hospital beds offer crucial support for injury recovery, post-surgery comfort, and mobility challenges. Electric models allow for customizable positioning, including head and foot adjustments, and crucial height alterations to prevent falls.

By using a hospital bed, you gain independence and reduce reliance on caregivers. Plus, its adjustable features mitigate risks associated with prolonged bed rest, such as circulation issues and pressure sores.

If you or a loved one could benefit from a hospital bed, consider renting one for days, weeks, or even a couple of months. For longer-term needs, purchasing may be the better choice.

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