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Wheelchair Lifts For Cars and Trucks, Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL's),Home Elevators, and Stair Lifts - Mobility Equipment for Less

Wheelchair Lifts For Cars and Trucks, Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL's),Home Elevators, and Stair Lifts

Owner John Perrotti is the ONLY Harmar certified technician in the entire state of RI. That's right, Mobility Equipment Recyclers holds the only official certification provided by Harmar to install all Vertical Platform Lifts (Home Elevators), Vehicle Wheelchair Lifts, and Stair Lifts (electric stair climbers). Don'y worry, if you prefer any other product line, we have a highly trained staff that is capable of installing pretty much any brand at the lowest rate guaranteed.

What Are The Different Types Of Wheelchair Lifts That We Can Install?

  • Vertical platform lifts: These are home elevator lifts. A good alternative to installing a ramp.

    • Home Elevator
    • Platform Lift
  • Vehicle Lifts: Scooter, wheelchair and power chair lifts that help you transport your mobility device.

    • Car Lifts
    • Hoists
    • Vehicle Platform lifts
    • Wheelchair lifts
    • Scooter Lifts
  • Stair Lifts: If you are having trouble getting up a flight of stairs, these lifts are the solution.

    • Stair Gliders
    • Handicap Chair Lifts
    • Chair Elevators

Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL) (Home Elevators) (Residential Elevators)

A vertical platform lift is an electronically powered wheelchair lift that will allow someone to go up or down floors, on and off of a high porch, deck, or patio, and anywhere else within a building or structure that would require vertical elevation. Below are a few images of the different styled residential elevators that we can install for you.

Unlike many other companies, we have access to certified pre-owned lifts which allows us to pass on huge savings. If you are in need of a Vertical Platform Lift installation feel free to contact us at: (401)-294-4111

VPL's have a wide range of available heights that can accommodate pretty much any need.

Vehicle Wheelchair Lifts

What's better than being able to transport your mobility device everywhere you travel?

A vehicle wheelchair lift is a device that attaches to either the inside of your vehicle or the outside of your vehicle. The purpose of this device is to allow the user to be able to load their power chair, manual wheelchair, electric scooter or other mobility device into or onto their vehicle for safe and easy traveling.

Click Here to see all of the different vehicle wheelchair lifts we can install.

Inside Lifts and Hoist Lifts For Vehicles

Inside Vehicle lift

The image shown here is of a inside vehicle wheelchair lift / hoist that is ideal for transporting smaller sized scooters and power wheelchairs in the back of your vehicle. A hoist or lift like this one can be installed in the back of a compact car, truck, or SUV.


Outside and Hybrid Vehicle Wheelchair Lifts

An outside vehicle wheelchair lift is a device that allows a user to travel with their mobility devices, however the mobility device would remain outside of the vehicle while traveling. Below are a few images of the different types of outdoor wheelchair lifts.


Below is an image of a hybrid vehicle wheelchair lift.

Inside and Outside Electronic wheelchair car lift

A hybrid indoor/outdoor vehicle wheelchair lift is an accessory that is installed to the back of a van, SUV, or truck. This device will occupy the space in the back of the vehicle. While operating this device, the powered platform moves in and out of the vehicle in order for easy loading and unloading of your mobility device.

Click the play button to watch Andrew perform a demonstration of the Harmar AL 600 Hybrid vehicle lift!

Vehicle Wheelchair Lift Demonstration Video

If you are interested in having a vehicle wheelchair lift installed send us an email at or give us a call at (401)-294-4111

Stair Lifts

Stair lifts can be installed for straight stair cases or even curved and spiral stair cases.

For mobility limiting individuals, a stair lift will ensure your safety while navigating between floors in your home. in addition, Harmar's SL300 model comes with a safety feature that automatically stops the chair if there is an obstruction on the tracks.

Harmar offers stair lifts that are compact with a fold-able seat. Making the stair lift sleek and non intrusive to the look of your home.

How Can a Home Lift Benefit You?

A residential lift will benefit any individual that struggles with mobility. Rather than installing a ramp onto your home, residential elevators are a great alternative.

They are not intrusive on the property like a ramp can be. They also benefit any individual that relies on a manual wheelchair, power wheelchair, electric scooter, or any other mobility device that is seeking more independence.

A vertical platform lift or a stair lift will allow someone to be more independent within their home or even at work.

What Are the Benefits of A Vehicle Lift?

Vehicle lifts allow you to transport your device to and from your destination. A vehicle wheelchair lift will allow a mobility device to be taken on the road with ease.

With an exterior vehicle lift, it is as easy as hitching your mobility device to the back of your vehicle and off you go!

Similarly, an interior vehicle wheelchair lift allows you to transport your mobility device inside of your vehicle, keeping it away from the danger of the elements.

There is no longer a need to worry about how you will transport your power wheelchair, electric scooter, or even your manual wheelchair.

Are Stair Lifts, Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL's), and Vehicle Lifts Tax Deductible?

The very first step you should take, is to contact your accountant to find out whether or not your stair lift, vertical platform lift, or vehicle lift is eligible for a tax deduction.

In most cases, they are eligible but there are a few steps that you have to take in order to ensure that you can write these expenses off as a medical expense. Call the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to see if you qualify at (800)-829-3676.

In order to write off these expenses, you need proof that the main purpose of installation is for necessary medical use. You can get a written letter from your doctor stating just that. In the event that your newly installed accessibility lift does not add value to your home. You are able to write off the entire cost of the expense as a medical expense.

If you have any questions regarding tax deductions feel free to give us a call at (401)-294-4111.

Is Installing a Stair Lift, Vertical Platform Lift, or Vehicle Lift Affordable?

Depending on who you ask, the answer to this question is relative to each individual. But, here are a few ways that you can save a few bucks while in the market for an accessibility lift.

First and foremost, we have the lowest prices guaranteed. So buying from us is a guaranteed savings right off the bat. We have a wide range of high quality certified pre-owned products that save YOU money!

Contact Foundations

If you contact non-profit organizations in your area, you may find some funding assistance through them, depending on where you are located.

State Incentives, Programs, and Projects

Most states offer benefits to their senior citizens. therefore finding funding for your new stair lift, vertical platform lift, or vehicle lift could be found through your state's programs. You can find out what benefits your state offers by visiting or

Get In Touch

We are here to help you. We strive to be your valuable resource that you can rely on for all of your accessibility needs. If you or a loved one is in the market for a new Vertical Platform Lift, Vehicle Lift, or Stair lift call us, email us, or message us on Facebook!

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