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24V 5 AH AGM/Gel Battery Charger for Pride Mobility Power Chairs


SKU: BTCH00013
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A 24V 5AH AGM/Gel Battery Charger is a device designed to charge a 24-volt AGM or Gel battery pack. This charger is compatible with both AGM and Gel battery chemistries, which are commonly used in a variety of mobility devices.

Product Information

Product Manufacturer: Universal Power Group (UPG)

Part Number: ELE1803474

SKU: BTCH00013

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The charger has a capacity of 5AH, which indicates that it can deliver up to 5 amps of current to the battery during the charging process. This charging rate is relatively fast, making it a good option for vehicles that require frequent charging, but it can also be adjusted to a lower rate if needed.

The AGM/Gel battery charger is designed to be efficient and reliable, with an automatic shut-off feature that prevents overcharging of the battery. This helps to ensure that the battery stays in good condition and extends its lifespan.

The charger is equipped with advanced charging algorithms that monitor and adjust the charging process to ensure that the battery is charged quickly and safely. It is also designed to be user-friendly, with LED indicators that show the status of the charging process.

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Part Type Battery Charger
Manufacturer Universal Power Group
Model Name/Number 5 Amp XLR AGM/Gel Charger
Part Number ELE1803474
Condition New
Weight 4 LBS
  • Pride Victory LX
  • Pride Jazzy Air 2
  • Pride Pursuit
  • Pride Jazzy 1103 Ultra
  • Pride Celebrity X3
  • Pride Jazzy Sport
  • Pride Jazzy Select 6
  • Pride Jazzy Jet 3 Ultra
  • Pride Jazzy 614 Hd
  • Pride Jazzy 614
  • Pride Victory 10 3-Wheel
  • Pride Jazzy Elite 14
  • Pride Jazzy Select 14
  • Pride Celebrity X4
  • Pride Jazzy Select HD
  • Pride Jazzy 600 ES
  • Pride Jazzy 1121/1121 HD
  • Pride Legend XL
  • Pride Hurricane
  • Pride Quantum 6000zhd
  • Pride Maxima-V
  • Pride Quantum 1103 Ultra
  • Pride Jazzy J6
  • Pride Celebrity XL
  • Pride Quantum 610
  • Pride Jazzy Elite Hd
  • Pride Vicotry Sport
  • Pride Jazzy Select
  • Pride Quantum 6400z
  • Pride Revo 3 Wheel
  • Pride Maxima 3 Wheel
  • Pride Victory 10 4 Wheel
  • Pride Quantum 6000 XL
  • Pride Jazzy Select 6 Ultra
  • Pride Victory 10 4-Wheel

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