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Edward's Road to Independence

Edward, a 64-year-old Woonsocket native, has been struggling with his mobility for a while. Limited use of his left leg and the constant threat of it giving out increasingly isolated him from the community in which he grew up.

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But even staying close to home hasn’t been enough to compensate for the weakness in Edward’s leg, though; when he recently fell while crossing the street right outside his home, Edward knew he needed help, and Connect for Health, a community health program that runs out of his doctor’s office, was there to help him find it.

Edward’s volunteer patient advocate, Lily, contacted us at Mobility Equipment Recyclers in the hopes that we could connect him with badly needed equipment to safeguard his health and independence and we were happy to do so!

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Mobility Equipment Recyclers Can Help

At Mobility Equipment Recyclers, our Gift of Mobility initiative is dedicated to providing essential mobility services, replacement parts, and refurbished equipment to individuals like Edward at no cost. In the past this program was limited to a once-a-year giveaway, but with our new Renewed Independence Fund gathering supplemental funds from the community we’ve been able to expand and support more people throughout the year. For Edward, who needed a means of safely reconnecting with the community outside his door, a mobility scooter was the answer.

New Wheels Bring Edward Back to his Community

Thanks to the collaborative efforts of Connect for Health, our team at Mobility Equipment Recyclers, and generous donors, Edward was provided with a certified pre-owned Go Go 3-Wheel mobility scooter to help him navigate safely in his community and beyond. This invaluable device grants Edward the freedom to move with ease, enhancing his quality of life and enabling him to embrace new opportunities with enthusiasm.

Join Us in Making a Difference

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Edward's journey underscores the transformative impact of our Gift of Mobility program. We invite you to lend a hand by donating to the Renewed Independence Fund. Your contribution–large or small–empowers individuals like Edward to reclaim their quality of life and pursue their dreams. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those facing mobility challenges, ensuring that no one is left behind.

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