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Bear's Incredible Journey: Empowering Movement and Joy with Go Baby Go and Mobility Equipment Recyclers

Bear, a young girl with blond hair wearing a tie-dyed tshirt, is laughing while sitting in her specially adapted red motorized Jeep

At Mobility Equipment Recyclers, we recently had the privilege of collaborating with Go Baby Go to create a truly special motorized jeep for an extraordinary individual named Bear. Born with a rare condition called CACNA1e, Bear faces numerous challenges in her daily life. However, her determination, positivity, and unwavering spirit have inspired us all.

Bear's Story

Bear is a sweet, happy, and determined child who fills the world around her with love and joy. She has a deep affection for music and birds, and her favorite activities involve spending time with her sister and exploring the wonders of nature. Bear's love for water, movement, and dancing on Friday nights is infectious and heartwarming. And let's not forget her possible favorite food—whipped cream!

However, Bear faces the challenges associated with her rare condition, CACNA1e, with remarkable resilience. This condition brings forth drug-resistant epilepsy, severe global developmental delay, dystonia, cortical vision impairment, and other obstacles. Bear relies on assistive devices and communicates using switches mounted at various parts of her body. Despite being non-verbal, Bear's determination shines through as she interacts with the world around her, activating toys and voice recordings with her switches.

Bear's New Car: Go Bear Go!

Thanks to the combined efforts of Mobility Equipment Recyclers and Go Baby Go, Bear now has her very own custom motorized jeep. This incredible collaboration has empowered Bear with newfound mobility and independence. Her customized vehicle, lovingly referred to as "Go Bear Go," has become her ticket to exploration and freedom.

The Impact of Assistive Technology

Bear's new motorized jeep is not just a means of transportation; it's a symbol of hope, joy, and the endless possibilities that assistive technology brings. This project has given Bear the ability to move on her own, explore her surroundings, and experience the thrill of independence. The pride and happiness radiating from Bear's expressions as she maneuvers her vehicle are a testament to the positive impact it has made in her life.

We would like to thank Go Baby Go and the development team at the New England Institute of Technology for collaborating to make Bear's new car a reality.

Bear, a young girl wearing a pink shirt, is riding in her specially adapted red motorized Jeep in the driveway of the family home.

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Together, let's embrace the power of mobility and make a difference in the lives of individuals like Bear!