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"Because of them my client who is disabled was able to retain her independence for the weeks that she was otherwise going to have none. The smile on her face was huge when she saw the chair. John you are awesome! Thank you again!"

- Audrey M., Power Wheelchair Rental

"No words can express the gratitude we hold in our hearts for the generosity you’ve extended. The donated scooter is and always will be a treasured piece of freedom. We thought that if the scooter required a license plate it would say ‘smile’ because the smiles on our faces to those on yours imparts true friendship. We thank you!"

- Ron L., Donated Scooter

"I needed a high-end rehab power wheelchair at a reasonable price, after I couldn’t get Medicare to agree that I really do need that and I couldn’t find what I needed anywhere near me. Andrew was able to deal with my very picky and detailed requirements via long-distance. It arrived quickly — shipped 2300 miles to me — and it’s perfect!"

- Cheri V., Power Wheelchair Sale

Way better quality than expected! I had a huge, complex graphic printed on it as well, and the print quality was great! Not too thick, and very stretchy.. highly recommend.

- Kadderli T., Wheelchair Rental

"Great public service you all are doing, never would have been able to pony up 3x what I paid with you all for new, without knocking my fairly small amount of assets down considerably. Thanks very much!

- Michale K., Off-Road Power Wheelchair Sale

"The staff was great to lead me in the right direction. We got a quality chair at a reasonable price with super fast free shipping. Highly recommend."

- Al W., Power Wheelchair Sale

My 7 year old son broke his left tibia skiing this weekend up in NH. Being a holiday week (New Years/Christmas) we were nervous that we wouldn't be able to find a wheelchair for him in time to start school today (January 2nd). I contacted Mobility Equipment Recyclers of New England over the holiday and they were able to meet us first thing Thursday morning and get us the perfect chair to rent until my son is fully healed.

Andrew was very professional and kind to my son (as he was already nervous about the entire situation), and had us fully equipped and on our way to school very quickly.

I would recommend this location for anyone in need of purchasing/renting any mobility equipment in the future.

- Jon Mitchell

"My wife needs a wheelchair but one with particular specifications for weight, portability, etc. We walked in and were met by Andrew along with friendly pooches Bailey and Buddy. We told Andrew what we needed and, after thinking for a minute or so, Andrew went into their large stock and came back with EXACTLY the right chair. Got it on the first take! The chair was slightly used and well-priced. While Andrew took the chair downstairs to their workshop for a final tune-up, we waited on a comfy couch with Bailey and Buddy. We rolled out happy. You wouldn’t think of a trip to a wheelchair store as entertainment, but this was truly a great experience. Thank you Andrew (and Bailey and Buddy).."

- Will C., Manual Wheelchair Sale

We were very pleased with the process and results of our recent project (customized installation of a ramp inside a garage) with Mobility Equipment Recyclers. Andrew's initial consultation was very useful as we considered various options. Raymond's on-site assessment was thorough and provided the optimal solution for our situation. Raymond's execution was as scheduled and expert. The project was very cost and use effective.

- Bob Grant

I discovered Mobility Equipment recyclers while trying to source powered wheelchair motors for a collaborative farm fabrication project. I got fantastic service and was thrilled to be able to make a significant materials purchase from an organisation with a strong social mandate and also to have access to cleaned and tested used parts at a fair price.

Many thanks to Andrew and the rest of the team. I couldn't have hoped for a better solution to my problems and I'm so happy to have discovered this noteworthy example of a social enterprise doing good work and doing it well.

- Reid Allaway

I’ve worked with Andrew on a few occasions to get needed items at very reasonable price! I also contacted him regarding a wheelchair armrest that broke. It was replaced at no cost.

- Jodie Rodrigues

Needed a major part for an older mobility scooter. Saw a part online at Mobility Equipment Recyclers that looked right and inquired about it. Andrew Celani responded and asked for pictures of my part, serial numbers, etc., allowing him to determine that the online part was not right. After a couple of hours, he called to tell me he had the part I needed. Shipped immediately. Part fits and works perfectly. Highly recommended for great service!

- Mike Balog