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Recline Actuator for Permobil 3G Power Wheelchair

REAC 319608

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SKU: ACT00026C

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The REAC Recline Actuator is a specialized component designed to provide reliable and efficient reclining functionality for Permobil 3G power wheelchairs. This actuator plays a key role in adjusting the backrest of the power wheelchair to a more comfortable and ergonomic position.

Product Information

Product Manufacturer: REAC

Part Number: 319608

SKU: ACT00026

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The actuator features a compact and streamlined design, allowing it to seamlessly integrate into the power wheelchair's existing framework. It is engineered to provide smooth and controlled movement, enabling users to adjust the recline angle of their wheelchair backrest with ease. This adjustability is crucial for users who may require varying degrees of recline for pressure relief, positioning, or overall comfort.

The actuator utilizes a reliable motor system to generate the necessary force for reclining the backrest. It is equipped with a robust gear mechanism that translates the rotational motion of the motor into linear motion, allowing the actuator to extend or retract as needed. The actuator's precise control system ensures accurate positioning and stability, preventing unintended movement or sudden recline adjustments.

Overall, the Recline Actuator for Permobil Corpus 3G Power Wheelchairs is a reliable and durable replacement option. Its smooth and controlled operation, coupled with its precise positioning capabilities, allows users to find their preferred recline angle and improve their overall mobility experience!

Product Type Actuator
Compatible Manufacturer Permobil
Part Manufacturer REAC
Part Number 319608
Certified Pre-Owned/New
SKU ACT00026
Actuator Type Recline
Volts 24 VDC
Duty Cycle 10%
  • M400 Corpus 3G
  • M300 Corpus 3G
  • C500 Corpus 3G
  • C350 Corpus 3G
  • C300 Corpus 3G

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