Invacare Pronto Head Rest for Electric Power Wheelchairs 10"


Brand: Invacare

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Product Description

AtPower Chair Replacement Parts, we pride ourselves in being able to provideexemplary service and satisfaction matched with affordable and reliablereplacement parts. This pride stems from our use of sustainable practiceswith a major focus on social responsibility. In turn, our goal is to helpaddress the issues many face that are present in modern everyday life. Mostsignificant of these issues we aim to aid you in is the high costs associatedwith medical equipment. Here at Power Chair Replacement Parts, we understandthese issues and want to provide the best possible aid through these difficultprocesses. By providing reliable and affordable refurbished medical equipmentwith our high standard of customer service, we promise to exceed your satisfactionas best we can. Feel free to contact us day and night or email us and we will be glad to helpyou.

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So,from all of us at Power Chair Replacement Parts, we thank you for choosing usas your refurbished part provider and allowing us to continue to help those whoneed it the most.

This is a Invacare Head Rest that was removed from a Invacare Pronto Electric Power Wheelchair.

*These items were functioning exactlyas they should when they were removed from the wheelchair. We also thoroughlyhand clean all of our products for customer satisfaction*

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