Invacare Pronto M41, M50, M51, M61, M71 & M91 Joystick Mount | 1161733


Brand: Invacare

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Product Description

Invacare Pronto Power Wheelchair Offset Joystick Mount | Pronto M41, Pronto M50, Pronto M51, Pronto M61, Pronto M71, Pronto M91 | Part # 1161733

You are looking at an offset joystick controller mount that was removed from an Invacare Pronto power wheelchair. This style of mount is compatible with multiple make and model power chairs, and can be used in other applications as well.  

Model Pronto
Part Number 1161733
Condition Used

MK6i Electronics, Invacare, Invacare Pronto M41, Invacare Pronto M50, Invacare Pronto M51, Invacare Pronto M61, Invacare Pronto M71, Invacare Pronto M91 and more.

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Condition: Used
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