i-Drive Head Array IDH200-1 (CTL135940) & Display (CTL134180)


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Product Description

IDH200-1 i-Drive Head Array with Q-Logic 2 Display

Designed with the Combo Series head positioning system, the Tri-Array provides great comfort with great support for a head array and comes standard with three proximity sensors and an egg switch for mode change/reset. The Tri-Array is an extraordinary choice for drive control and head support.

The Enhanced Color Graphical Display serves as a separate screen used with specialty drive controls to display system data. With the Enhanced Display’s built-in environmental controls, Q-Logic 2 can operate a wide range of appliances that use infrared (IR) remote controls, such as televisions, and serves as a Bluetooth® computer mouse emulator.

i-Drive MSRP: $4,175.00
Q-Logic 2 Display MSRP: $1,720.00
Total MSRP: $5,895.00
OUR PRICE: $2,000.00
YOU SAVE: $3,895.00!!

Head Array Part # CTL135940
Head Array Model IDH200-1
Display Part # CTL134180
Display Model Q-Logic 2
Condition New - Mint!
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Condition: New