Grey Vinyl Head Rest for Pride Scooters and Jazzy Power Chairs 9"


Brand: n/a

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Product Description


This is a Grey Vinyl Head Rest that was removed from a Jazzy Full Seat Assembly.

*These items were functioning exactly as they should when they were removed from the wheelchair. We also thoroughly hand clean all of our products for customer satisfaction*



Jazzy Power Chair Compatibility
Jazzy 1100 Jazzy 1101 Jazzy 1103 Jazzy 1103 Ultra Jazzy 1104 Jazzy 1105 Jazzy 1107 Jazzy 1113 Jazzy 1113 ATS Jazzy 1115 Jazzy 1120 Jazzy 1121 Jazzy 1121 HD Jazzy 1122 Jazzy 1133 Jazzy 1143 Jazzy 1143 Ultra Jazzy 1170 XL Jazzy 1170 XL Plus Jazzy 1420 Jazzy 1650 Jazzy 600 Jazzy 600 XL Jazzy 610 Jazzy 614 Jazzy 614HD Jazzy Select Jazzy Select 14 Jazzy Select 14 XL Jazzy Select 6 Jazzy Select 6 Ultra Jazzy Select 7 Jazzy Select Elite Jazzy Select GT Jazzy Select HD

Pride Mobility Scooter Compatibility
Pride Boxster (PMV520) Pride Celebrity 2000 (SC4000/SC4400) Pride Celebrity X (SC400/SC4001/SC440/SC4401) Pride Celebrity XL Heavy Duty (SC445/SC4450DX) Pride Cyclone (SPSC4000/SPSC4400) Pride Dynamo (SC180) Pride Hurricane (PMV500) Pride Laser (SPSC300/SPSC340) Pride Legend (SC300/SC340) Pride Legend (SC3000/SC3400) Pride Legend XL (SC3450) Pride Maxima (SC900/SC940) Pride Pursuit (SC713) Pride Pursuit (SC713) Pride Sidekick (SC200) Pride Sundancer (SC2000/SC202) Pride Wrangler (PMV 600/PMV 620/PMV 650)
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