Quickie P-222 SE Power Wheelchair | 8.5 MPH | 350 lbs. Weight Capacity

$2,000.00 $8,725.00

Brand: Quickie

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Product Description

Quickie P-222 SE Power Wheelchair

MSRP: $8,725.00

OUR PRICE: $2,000.00

FREE SHIPPING with Batteries** and Charger INCLUDED!* (USA ONLY)
The Quickie P222 SE is the revolutionary next generation of the Quickie P-200 power wheelchair. It offers users exceptional function with compact powerful styling. Four-pole Linix motors provide a top speed of 8.5 mph. These motors also have an outstanding quality record to help ensure users move quickly without issues. The Quickie P-222 SE offers rear wheel drive for superior maneuverability (26" turning radius minimum) and curb climbing ability (for approx. 4" curbs). 
**Leg rests NOT pictured but are included in sale





P-222 SE

Weight Capacity

350 Lbs

Turning Radius



Base Width
Base Length


33" without front riggings

Maximum Speed*

8.5 mph

Drive Wheels

12" Solid

Caster Wheels

7" Solid Casters


Rear Wheel Drive


17"W x 16"D

Battery Type

12V, 35AH

Standard Battery Charger

Off board (included)



** New batteries may be purchased for an additional $186.18 ($87 x 2 plus tax).


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