24 Volt 8 Amp AGM/Gel Mobility XLR Battery Charger | Lester Electrical


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Product Description

Lester Electrical 24 Volt 8 Amp Off Board Battery Charger that is for Electric Power Wheelchairs.

Model#: 18330
  • Drive Gladiator (G694)
  • Invacare 3G Storm Series Arrow
  • Invacare 3G Storm Series Ranger X
  • Invacare 3G Storm Series Torque SP
  • Invacare Excel FWD 250
  • Invacare Nutron R32
  • Invacare Nutron R32LX
  • Invacare Nutron R50LX
  • Invacare Nutron R51 / R51LX / R51LXP
  • Invacare Panther LX-4
  • Invacare Power Tiger
  • Invacare Pronto M50 with SureStep
  • Invacare Pronto M51 with SureStep
  • Invacare Pronto M61 with SureStep
  • Invacare Pronto M71 jr. with SureStep
  • Invacare Pronto M71 with SureStep
  • Invacare Pronto M91 with SureStep
  • Invacare Pronto M94 with SureStep
  • Invacare Pronto R2
  • Invacare Ranger II MWD
  • Invacare TDX3
  • Invacare TDX4
  • Invacare TDX5
  • Jazzy 1121
  • Jazzy 1121 HD
  • Jazzy 1450
  • Jazzy 1650
  • Merits Pioneer 10 (S341/S347/S3471)
  • Merits Pioneer 9 (S331/S337/S3371)
  • Permobil C300 Corpus
  • Permobil C300 Corpus 3G
  • Permobil C300 Corpus Jr.
  • Permobil C300 PS
  • Permobil C350 Corpus 3G
  • Permobil C350 PS
  • Permobil C400 Corpus
  • Permobil C400 Corpus 3G
  • Permobil C400 Corpus Jr.
  • Permobil C400 Corpus Lowrider
  • Permobil C400 PS
  • Permobil C400 Stander Jr.
  • Permobil C400 VS Jr
  • Permobil C500 Corpus
  • Permobil C500 Corpus 3G
  • Permobil C500 Lowrider
  • Permobil C500 PS
  • Permobil C500 Stander
  • Permobil C500 VS
  • Permobil Chairman HD3
  • Permobil K300 PS Junior
  • Permobil K450 MX
  • Permobil Koala
  • Permobil M300 Corpus 3G
  • Permobil M300 PS
  • Permobil M300 PS Junior
  • Permobil M400 Corpus 3G
  • Permobil Playman/Robo
  • Permobil Street Corpus
  • Pride Revo (SC60/SC63/SC64)
  • Quantum Q1121
  • Quantum Q1420
  • Quantum Q1650
  • Quantum Q6000
  • Quantum Q6000Z HD
  • Quantum R-4000
  • Quickie P-222
  • Shoprider 6Runner 14 (888WNLLHD)
  • Shoprider Flagship (889 XLSN)
  • Shoprider GolfRider
  • Shoprider HD (888WHD)
  • Shoprider Sprinter Jumbo XL (889X)
  • Shoprider Sprinter XL3 Deluxe (778XLSBN)
  • Shoprider Sprinter XL4 Deluxe (889XLSBN)
  • Shoprider Streamer (888WS)


    *These items were functioning exactly as they should when they were removed from the wheelchair. We also thoroughly hand clean all of our products for customer satisfaction*


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