Flat-Free Drive Wheels | Invacare Pronto | 10" x 3"


Brand: Invacare

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Product Description

10''x 3'' Flat-Free Drive Wheels that were removed from an Invacare Pronto M51 Power Wheelchair
- Part #: 1102339
- Size: 10"x3" (3.00-4)
- Tire Manufacturer: Primo
- Tire Model: Durotrap
- Tire Type: Solid Flat Free
- Tread Type: Knobby
- Rims Condition: Great
- Tread Condition: Great
Invacare Pronto M50 with SureStep
Invacare Pronto M51 with SureStep
Invacare Pronto M61 with SureStep
Invacare Pronto M71 jr. with SureStep
Invacare Pronto M71 with SureStep
*This item was functioning exactly as it should when it was removed from the wheelchair. We also thoroughly hand clean all of our products for customer satisfaction*
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