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Types Of Vertical Platform Lifts

Half Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift

A partially enclosed vertical platform lift is an electronic powered lift that can be installed indoor or outdoors. 

This type of VPL provides an ample amount of space for a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or power wheelchair. The half walls act as a safe wall to keep the user from falling off the edge of the lift. 

Fully Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift

A fully enclosed vertical platform lift can be installed indoors or outdoors. But, this type of VPL is ideal for outdoor usage that must withstand harsher weather conditions depending on where you live. 

In New England, we have to endure Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall therefore an enclosed vertical platform lift may be a great choice for you if you live in the New England area and are looking to get a vertical platform lift installed.

Vertical Platform Lift FAQs

What is a Vertical Platform Lift?

Vertical platform lifts or more commonly known as home elevators, are essentially a private mini elevator for a home or building to assist individuals using a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or electric wheelchair go up and down elevated surfaces. 

What are the benefits of using a vertical platform lift?

Vertical platform lifts take up a small space. 

They are great for garages or small patios.

Convenient entry and exit.

A vertical platform lift is also a good alternative to a wheelchair ramp if there is not enough room for a safe ramp inclination. According to the ADA wheelchair ramps need a 1:12 ratio of slope to be considered safe to use for self propulsion of a wheelchair. For example, if you have stairs that are 30 inches tall, which means that the ADA calls for at least a 30 foot ramp. 

Where Can You Have A Vertical Platform Lift Installed?

Vertical platform lifts are great for indoor or outdoor use in a home, workplace, or public establishment. Realistically, a vertical platform lift can be installed anywhere there is a means of eagress and will greatly improve the accessibility of that building so that anyone can safely enter and exit. 

For a home, a vertical platform lift would work great as an addition to a deck, porch, or patio. These surfaces may only be 4-5 feet off the ground or up to 10 feet off the ground. For an individual using a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or power chair, these elevated surfaces are not safely accessible.

For a public establishment or workplace, a vertical platform lift would be an excellent addition for buildings that don't have elevators. a vertical platform lift can be installed next to a spiraling staircase in most cases, and would not obstruct the normal functionality of the staircase.