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Scooter Type


Full Size

Off Road/Heavy Duty



4-Wheel Scooters  

Key Features

  • High Stability
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Handles Rough Terrain
  • Equal Weight Distribution

4-wheel mobility scooters offer even weight distribution compared to 3-wheel scooters and can often feel more stable, which may be a better option for individuals that are heavier. 

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3-Wheel Scooters  

Key Features:

  • Tight Turning Radius
  • Superior Indoor Use
  • More Leg Room

3-wheel mobility scooters are perfect for everyone that wants a little more freedom with their mobility. Whether you are going shopping, visiting a local fair, or enjoying a cruise ship, a 3 wheel scooter will make travelling a worry of the past so you can enjoy yourself! 

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Travel-Friendly Power Chair 

Pride Mobility Go-Chair®

The Pride Mobility Go-Chair is a great device for someone that wants the travel convenience of a mobility scooter but the functionality of a power wheelchair

Key Features:

  • Tight Turning Radius
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Disassembles into 4 easy-to-carry parts

A Go-Chair is essentially a lightweight power chair that is an excellent alternative for someone that wants a mobility scooter but needs to use a joystick as a means for navigation.

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