The Gift of Mobility 2018.

Mobility Equipment Recyclers of New England started in 2013 as a social and sustainability venture to divert medical equipment from the landfill. The goal was to not only reduce landfill waste, but also to refurbish the acquired equipment and provide it at a considerable discount to individuals that are in need. We take your donated equipment and process it for sale, repairs or rental at a deeply discounted rate to the end user — on average 50% off MSRP, but sometimes as much as 90% off the cost of new. What cannot be reused and re-purposed, such as metal, plastics, and dead batteries, gets recycled as well.

We take donations on all unwanted mobility devices like electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, hospital beds, mobility scooters, walkers, lifts, ramps, patient lifts and much more! Sustainability matters to us, and we hope it does for you as well.

Why should you donate?

In order to provide our amazing services, we rely heavily on donations from individuals, families and healthcare facilities in order to keep costs down for the end user. Our end users include individuals who are in need of this equipment, but can’t afford the cost of new equipment or the runaround costs given by insurance companies or Medicare.

There’s a sizable portion of our population that is either without health insurance coverage or is undercovered by their current plan. If you fall into the latter category, high deductibles and co pays are still something you would need to pay for out-of-pocket.

Oftentimes we find that the prices for our refurbished products are much lower than these deductibles and co pays, and the end user has the benefit of not needing to wait for months on end for their insurance company to approve a request.

Donating equipment helps our company keep costs down, which in turn passes the savings along to the end user, and gets them the equipment that they need in an efficient and timely manner. Before you contact us to sell something, please consider donating it first. If you still wish to sell, that’s fine too! We are always in need of certain products and will carefully consider each and every inquiry that is made.

We accept electric wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs, transport wheelchairs, mobility scooters, hospital beds, knee walkers (aka knee scooters), canes, crutches, walkers, rollators, patient lifts, vehicle lifts, transport wheelchairs, portable ramps, pediatric equipment, bed safety equipment and lightly-used or still-in-the-box shower and bath safety equipment and much more.

If you don’t see the item you have listed here, we will most likely accept whatever you have.

Our goal is to ensure that no equipment is wasted and no individual goes without devices that are necessary for their well being — especially if the alternative is to just throw it away.

Paying It Forward

Not only does donating equipment to our company help keep costs down for the end user, but it also allows us to pursue more charitable endeavors where we give equipment away for free to people that are really in need. We do this a lot more often than you would think and a lot of times our charitable acts go unknown.

Linda Quimby (center) of Woonsocket was the recipient of a free power wheelchair just a few days before Christmas in 2016.  We’ve donated power wheelchairs to the Veterans Home in Bristol, local VFWs, and private individuals on a need-based basis.

Gift of Mobility

Each year around Christmastime we put on our annual Gift Of Mobility raffle, which is a way for us to give back to those in need during the holiday season. We seek out individuals in need of mobility equipment by asking for online submissions. A random drawing is done once all of the submissions have been received, and then the winners are announced. Lastly, Santa and our staff give the gift of mobility to deserving individuals. Since starting the Gift of Mobility we’ve given away over 30 electric wheelchairs, scooters, hospital beds, walkers and other pieces of medical equipment.

How You Can Donate

To donate, simply contact us either by phone - (401) 294-4111 - or via the contact form at the bottom of this page with some basic information about what you’d like to donate, where the pickup address is, and what your timeframe is to have the equipment removed. We also accept in-store donations at any time.

Admittedly, there are certain times throughout the year in which we are able to take in more equipment than others. Our goal is to assist in finding a good home for everyone’s equipment in a timely manner. We understand that in many cases an apartment or nursing home room needs to be cleaned out by a certain date, or a house needs to be made ready for sale, so please give us ample time to remove your equipment and contact us as early as possible.

For small, foldable items such as walkers and manual wheelchairs that can easily fit into a car, we ask that you drop off at our North Kingstown location during store hours (9am-5pm Monday-Friday, and 10am-3pm Saturday).

Our address is 6802 Post Road, North Kingstown, RI 02852. For larger items like electric wheelchairs and hospital beds we offer a free pickup service.

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