Custom Power Chair

Here is just one example of how we can customize mobility equipment. The model that we started with in this video is the Quickie S525 power wheelchair. We added multiple features that the end user requested such as:

  • A Head Array
  • Egg Switches
  • Attendant Control
  • Contoured Backrest
  • Upgraded Electronic Display



Check out this video!

Your Mobility is Our Responsibility.

Customizations Overview

Your mobility is our responsibility, with that being said, it is our highest priority that your mobility device not only works for you, but goes beyond your expectations. It is essential to us that your mobility device is crafted to fit you perfectly. At Mobility Equipment Recyclers, our technicians have the tools, skills, and knowledge to accommodate any custom request for any piece of mobility or medical equipment.

Outstanding customer service is our priority. So we make sure to go the extra mile for our customers. No custom request is considered "too much" for our technicians. We promise to put our best foot forward when it comes to customizing your mobility and medical equipment

Is Custom Equipment Affordable?

One of our main goals is to save individuals money because we are aware of the high costs that come with purchasing mobility and medical equipment.

What separates us from the rest, is that we recycle mobility and medical equipment therefore, we have a large inventory of certified pre-owned parts & accessories. This allows us to pick and pull certain parts from other devices that we need to create custom devices. By having all of the certified pre-owned parts and accessories on hand and ready to go, there is no extra time or money spent on obtaining specific parts and accessories.

Often times, individuals associate custom work with high price tags and we are here to break that stigma. We truly believe that the end user deserves maximum comfort especially if they are dependent on their mobility device on a daily basis.

The Process

To ensure that we get the job done right, we start off by collecting as much information about the end user as possible, such as their age, height, weight, size, and pre-existing conditions. In order for us to make sure that your mobility device is perfect for the end user we have an extensive list of measurement descriptions which will be listed below.


  • Top of head to bottom of buttocks
  • Top of shoulder to bottom of buttocks
  • Armpit to bottom of buttocks
  • Elbow to bottom of buttocks
  • Back of buttocks to back of knee
  • Foot length
  • Head width
  • Shoulder width
  • Left armpit to Right armpit
  • Hip width
  • Distance to bottom of left leg (Popliteal to heal)
  • Distance to bottom of right leg (Popliteal to heel)


We take these measurements so that various supports and cushions can be fitted properly. For example, lateral supports, are supports that hug the sides of the body which prevents the user from falling over in their power chair. We also use these measurements to adjust seat width as well as leg rest height.