Jazzy Elite Power Wheelchair Left & Right Motors (DRVMOTR1428) & (DRVMOTR1429)

Pride Mobility

This is a Left & Right Motor + Gearbox Assembly that was removed from a Jazzy Select Elite power wheelchair by Pride Mobility
SKU: 2690
MSRP: $908.34
Our Price: $179.99
You save $728.35!!!
*This item was functioning exactly as it should when it was removed from the wheelchair. We also thoroughly hand clean all of our products for customer satisfaction*
MANUFACTURER: Pride Mobility
PART # (Left Motor): DRVMOTR1428
PART # (Right Motor): DRVMOTR1429
COMPATIBILITY: Jazzysport, Jazzy Elite 6, Jazzysport2, Jazzy Elite ES, Jazzy Elite ES Portable, Jazzy Select Elite, Jazzy Elite ES-1, TSS 300
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Condition: Used