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Start-to-Finish Aluminum Handicap Ramp Installation - Mobility Equipment for Less

Start-to-Finish Aluminum Handicap Ramp Installation

For the disabled and the elderly to properly maintain (and in most cases regain) their mobility, a handicap ramp for the home is a near-necessity. However they don't come cheap -- not brand new ones anyway. On a recent ramp installation, we worked with a client that was looking to save some money after receiving quotes he felt were too high and out of his budget from other companies. Our secondhand equipment usually saves people on average of anywhere from 50-90% off. So don't hesitate! If you're thinking about getting a ramp installed at your house, here's how to go about it...

Step 1: Consultation

Ramp, Handicap Ramp, Installation, Mobility Equipment Recyclers, Handicap Van, Conversion Van Give us a call at 401-294-4111 or contact us anytime to set up an in-home or virtual consultation. We will have a technician make an assessment, and within short order you'll have an estimate from our company. If you're happy with the estimate, we collect a deposit and schedule the installation.

Step 2: Procurement of Materials, Design Layout & Measurements

Handicap Ramp, Design, Layout, Aluminum Ramp, Mobility Equipment Recyclers, Power Chair Recyclers Once we arrive at the job site, final measurements and design layout takes place. If there are any bushes or landscaping obstacles in the way of the ramp design, removal and/or modification is required during this step. Once we like the way the design is shaping up, we proceed to the next step...

Step 3: Build & Assemble

Handicap Ramp, Modular Ramp, Aluminum Ramp, InstallationHandicap Ramp, Modular Ramp, Aluminum Ramp, Installation, Free Estimate, Free Consultation Our team of technicians get to work and start building. This is by far the longest step in the process, but with three techs the final product will be assembled in no more than three hours.

Step 4: Ta-da!

Aluminum Ramp, Handicap Ramp, Modular Ramp, Ramp, Ramp Installation After no more than three hours of work, the aluminum handicap ramp is fully assembled and ready for use. If you've gotten quotes in the past on aluminum ramp installations and felt like it was too expensive for your budget, don't let that stop you from testing the waters one more time with us. We guarantee your satisfaction and will do everything we can to work within your means.

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