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Congressman Langevin Tours Our Facility, Sees How We're Helping Seniors & The Disabled - Mobility Equipment for Less

Congressman Langevin Tours Our Facility, Sees How We're Helping Seniors & The Disabled

U.S. Representative Jim Langevin, of Rhode Island's 2nd congressional district, paid us a visit earlier this week to discover how we're helping Rhode Island's disabled and senior citizen community. As many of you know, Langevin became at quadriplegic in 1980 while volunteering at the Warwick Police Department. He was just 16 years old at the time of the accidental shooting. But Langevin did not let his disability slow him down. In fact, he climbed up the political ranks of Rhode Island's state government before becoming a congressman in the House of Representatives in 2001. Since that time, Langevin has arguably been the biggest advocate in Congress for both the disabled and the elderly. The congressman has worked tirelessly to make life easier for them, saying on many occasions that "our seniors deserve better." Langevin, led by owner John Perrotti and general manager Andrew Celani, was given a tour of the 7,000 square foot facility, including the showroom up above and the workshop down below. Langevin and his staff seemed very impressed with not only our operation, but our affordable prices. We appreciate all the support from Congressman Langevin and his staff, for not only offering their advice, but also for their willingness to roll up the sleeves and go to bat for the customers we serve.

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