Make Your Batteries Last With Proper Maintenance - Mobility Equipment for Less
Purchasing new batteries for your power wheelchair or scooter can be expensive, so learn how to make your battery last with proper maintenance. Here are some basic tips: Q: How often must I charge the batteries? A: If you use your power chair on a daily basis, charge the batteries as soon as you are finished using your power chair. Your power chair will be ready each morning to give you a full day’s service. It is recommended that you charge the batteries at least 8 to 14 hours after daily use. If you use your power chair infrequently (once a week or less), you should charge the batteries at least once per week for at least 24 hours. Q: How can I get maximum range or distance per charge? A: Always charge the batteries fully prior to your trip. Plan your trip in advance to avoid inclines, if possible. Limit baggage weight to essential items. Try to maintain an even speed and avoid stop-and-go driving. Most manufacturers recommend charging your batteries for at least 48 continuous hours once per month to improve battery performance and battery life. If you regularly follow all these instructions and your electric wheelchair or scooter is still not holding a charge, your batteries might be dying and it could be time to replace them. Don't get stuck in a bad situation! Contact us today for a quote so you can replace them before it's too late. dead-battery-e1435822687449 By Andrew Celani/Operations Manager
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