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You Finished Rehab, Now What?

Congrats! You’re finally out of your mobility rehab clinic. You can go back home and live your life with improved mobility. From here, you can continue your rehabilitation from the comfort of your own home.

At a mobility rehab center, a patient is introduced to a lot of medical and mobility devices that help them regain and assist in their recovery process. But what happens when they leave the facility? They might not need the care of the facility anymore but if they still need those devices at home, how will they function?

Best Devices For A Patient Coming Out Of A Mobility Clinic

Mobility Equipment Recyclers is here to save the day with these pesky questions. We offer all the devices a person could need after leaving the mobility rehab center such as:

Bathroom Devices

-Shower chair

-Commode chair


Exercise Devices

-Recumbent Bike

-EasyStand Evolv Glider

Mobility Devices

-Tilt-In-Space Wheelchair



Bed Devices

-Patient Lift

-Hospital Beds

Getting Ready For The Day

ShowerBuddy chair, Rehab mobility

How Do I Make Sure I Don't Slip And Fall In The Shower?

The bathroom is where most people head to when they wake up. Navigating in and around the bathroom doesn't have be be a hassle with a shower chair, commode chair and the ShowerBuddy.

As great tools for your independence, this equipment makes the process of starting your day easy, not taking up too much time and effort. A shower chair fits easily into your bathroom, giving you secured seating in a slippery area. A commode chair can be used to help you use the toilet without issue. Lastly, the ShowerBuddy gives you the freedom to transfer between the commode and shower chair without modifying your bathroom or using multiple products.

Rehabilitation & Exercises

EasyStand Evolv Glider Sit-to-Stand Rehabilitation Device

How Can I Exercise Without Hurting Myself?

Exercise and rehabilitation play an integral part in everyone's recovery from pain or injury. You can take a person out of the rehabilitation center but you can’t take the rehab out of the patient. While you might not need to go to the facility anymore, a patient can continue their exercise routine in order to progress on the road to mobility independence.

A recumbent bicycle provides a workout for individuals of all ability levels. With a low impact total body workout, the recumbent bike safely reduces the risk of pain and can build strength. Another great device is the EasyStand Evolv Glider, a rehabilitation device that can keep your body standing and in shape during your recovery period.

Moving On To The Rest Of Your Day

Tilt-in-Space Wheelchair, Rehab mobility

How Can I Get Around To Enjoy The Rest Of My Day?

For the rest of your day, a Tilt-In-Space wheelchair is a great device for physical ease and freedom while navigating throughout your home. If you've been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, muscle diseases and head and/or spinal cord injuries, it's important to occasionally shift your position to relieve pressure and stiff joints.

Aluminum Ramp, Handicap Ramp, Modular Ramp, Ramp, Ramp Installation

If you would like to travel outside of your home but your home isn't wheelchair accessible, give Mobility Equipment Recyclers a call. You might need to go to school, work, or just want to enjoy the great outdoors. We provide many ways for you to leave your home safely such as installing a ramp or providing vehicle lifts or a wheelchair accessible van.

Time For Bed

patient resting in hospital bed after rehab

Is It Possible To Get A Good Night's Sleep?

After a long day, most people just want to sleep. Depending on your range of mobility, a great option for a restful night is a hospital bed. Fully-electric and semi-electric hospital beds can help you with a push of a button.

The beds can change the positions of your feet and head. Customers who bought full-electric hospital beds state that they found the bed elevation feature to be a great attribute which added to their sleep experience overall.

Whichever is right for you, Mobility Equipment Recyclers has the perfect bed for you. If you have any trouble getting from one surface to the next, we also provide patient lifts. With minimal strain, it will transfer you from a wheelchair to your hospital bed easily.

Contact Us

If you or someone you know has left a mobility rehab facility and is in need of mobility equipment, don't hesitate to call us at 401-294-4111. You may also want to check out our showroom located at 6802 Post Road, North Kingstown RI 02825. Besides the products featured above, we carry a large selection of medical and mobility equipment with savings up to 90% off on certified pre-owned devices.

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