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What Is A Knee Scooter? - Mobility Equipment for Less

What Is A Knee Scooter?

A knee scooter, also known as a knee walker, is a mobility device that is perfect for anyone that has injured or underwent surgery in their ankle, foot, knee or leg. Knee scooters allow recovering individuals to safely and efficiently maneuver around compared to crutches.

Knee scooter rentals near me
A common knee scooter available for rent at Mobility Equipment Recyclers

Can You Rent A Knee Scooter?

Yes you can! If you are visiting the beautiful Ocean State (Rhode Island) or any state in Southern New England, you can visit our location in North Kingstown, RI. We have a wide variety of knee scooters and knee walkers for rent at the lowest rates guaranteed.

Please Note: Knee scooters are a hot commodity with high demand. If you are in need of a temporary knee scooter rental, visit our storefront at 6802 Post Road, North Kingstown, RI or call ahead to book a reservation at 401-294-4111.

We also offer a delivery service for our rentals. Please give us a call at least one week ahead of your desired delivery date in order for us to ensure that we can fulfill your order in time for your visit. Our phone number is 401-294-4111.

To learn more about the various types of mobility devices we have available for rent, to sign up for a temporary rental, or to see FAQ about our rentals, Visit Our Rentals Page!

What Are The Benefits Of Using A Knee Scooter?

Knee scooters offer a wide range of benefits, here are a couple of reasons that we found worth mentioning:

- Knee scooters provide convenient traveling. Just fold down the front steering column and it will fit nicely in any back seat or trunk.

- Knee scooters are a good alternative to crutches -- not only can you move around quicker, but you also don't have any discomfort in your underarm region.

Are Knee Scooters Convenient To Travel With?

Most knee scooters are made out of aluminum metal, a fairly strong and flexible metal that is lightweight.

Due to their light weight, knee scooters will help you get through your daily activities. Also, navigating through tight spaces for example, hallways inside of a home should not be of a concern while using a knee scooter.

In addition, all of the knee scooters that we have available for rent are foldable, making them storage and travel-friendly.

Knee Scooter, Knee Walker, Foldable, Steerable
A foldable knee scooter available for rent.

Are Knee Scooters Better Than Crutches?

Yes, knee scooters are better than crutches for multiple reasons!

- Knee scooters require less effort to use

- Knee scooters promote good posture

- Knee scooters suit our bodies better

Knee Scooters Require Less Effort to Use

First and foremost, knee scooters don't require as much effort to use compared to crutches. Crutches require the use of your upper body strength in order to properly operate them.

While recovering from an injury or surgery one should conserve their energy for timely healing.

Knee Scooters Promote Good Posture

Knee scooters are better for maintaining good back posture compared to crutches. With crutches, since you will be standing on one foot wherever you go, your back is forced into a hunch position.

A knee scooter allows your body to stand in a natural upright position that doesn't strain your back any more than regularly standing does.

Knee Scooter Promotes good back posture
Knee Scooters Promote Good Posture

Knee Scooters Work With Our Bodies Better

While using crutches, your non-injured leg is bearing all of your body weight with the assistance of your hands, arms, and shoulders which can cause fatigue faster.

By using a knee scooter, it allows your recovering leg to stay elevated and there is not a single leg that is bearing all of your body weight.

Who Shouldn't Use A Knee Scooter?

Knee scooters are quickly becoming an alternative to crutches, but not everyone is able to use a knee scooter.

Knee scooters require more coordination and cognitive function than crutches. If you fear falling, have balance issues or are a little uneasy on your feet, a knee scooter may not be a good option for you. Before you begin your rental please feel free to come in and try one out.

Get Your Knee Scooter Today

We have plenty of knee scooters in stock, so don't worry just give us a heads up in advance if you need one.

We encourage anyone that is in need of mobility device rentals to take a look at our Rentals page on our website. Here you will find in-depth information on all of the different mobility devices we have to offer for rent.

Ready To Rent? Fill Out The Contact Form Below!

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